Writing about myself is always very difficult. I am a medical astrologer who entered the healing arena at a time in which I was meditating 16 hours a day and experiencing a fascinating type of clairvoyance. Interest in physical modalities of healing, such as diet and herbs, came later along with an understanding of the energetics of healing and the ways of addressing symptoms while still attempting to shift causes.


I'm in my sixties. My Path has been long and interesting; there has been much suffering and many blessings as well. The greatest pain comes when despite one's best efforts, one is not able to facilitate healing; the greatest joy comes when a spontaneous remission shifts the disease patterns in an instant.

I am intensely curious, sometimes mystical, sometimes scholarly, always questioning, and usually receptive. I love what I do and how I do it; but the issues one faces in the course of life are never easy.

The best way to explain myself to other healers is to say that there are four parts to my system of healing.

  • Stress

At the root of everything that goes wrong, whether with the body or in a relationship or job, there is some sort of discord. In ancient times, this discord was variously labeled "the warring of the elements" or "sin"— and "dis-ease" was the presumed outcome.

My primary tools for determining the nature of stress are the horoscope and an in-depth intake history that sheds light on the issues facing the person.  This is done in a manner that illuminates the patterns and reveals the preferred ways for handling stress and coping. I firmly believe all persons know how to heal themselves, and that we are here merely to aid the unfoldment of their self-understanding.

  • The Elements

Astrologically, stress involves conflicts between planets that represent different forces in our psyche as well as different elements. In illness, the elements are either exaggerated in their expression—"deranged"—or inadequate in expression. The goal of healing is to produce balance, and this can be achieved through many different energetic approaches to healing: food, herbs, meditation, vibrational and sound therapies, chakra balancing, and so on and so forth.

As a general rule, I believe in supporting the weak elements rather than subduing the excessive ones, but the distinctions are sometimes not precise. For instance, increasing water will tend to subdue fire; but bitter herbs would detoxify fire without really increasing water except indirectly.

  • Astroendocrinology

The relationship of the chakras to the endocrine system is another important part of my work since the hormones secreted by the endocrine glands have the effect of stimulating or inhibiting other physiological functions. The best way to maintain health is not through chemicals but through balancing one's own psyche so that it expresses better through the personality and the body the person is using.

  • Fate

I believe that the moment and what we are experiencing in the moment is a consequence of what I call the intersection of destiny and karma. Unlike so many others, I am neither a fatalist nor optimist, and I don't have a negative view of karma, just a realistic assessment of the power of memory and habits to shape experience and the interpretation of experience.

I believe in past lives, in life in other parts of the Universe, and in the absolute continuity of memory through all our experiences since our first birth outside the Mind of God. For most of us, these memories operate below the threshold of consciousness and hence constitute a stream that is variously considered irrelevant, unreal, unconscious, or causal. I belong to the latter school of thought. I also know that techniques exist for accessing these dimensions of knowing, for transforming the patterns that bring suffering and disease, and for moving into more conscious and obedient alignment with our purposes in life.

My most satisfying work is thus with facilitating familiarity with the unconscious, both the subconscious and superconscious components of our beings; and this I do through music therapy, guided visualization, astrological mapping, and channeling.

I took Bodhisattva vows in 1977 and was ordained some years ago into the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.

God bless!



Academic Background

B.A. in Asian Studies from the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, 1962
M.A. in Development Economics from Yale University, 1964
M.D. from Medicina Alternativa in Copenhagen (like honorary), 1987
D.Sc. (honorary) from the Open International University in Sri Lanka, 1995










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